Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

Have You Been Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct?

So you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct (CSC). what options do you have? What are your defenses?

  1. “ I didn’t do it”: Private lie detector test can give the prosecution reason to dismiss a charge. We have access to some of the best polygraphers in Michigan, at a reasonable cost.

  2. “She’s lying”: We have aggressively sought out evidence of witness or lying “victims” through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and cell phone subpoenas.

  3. “It happened, will I go to prison?” : Plea Offers can save you prison time, tuff Sex Offender Registration (SORA) requirements and other collateral consequences can be avoided.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to traverse all of the complicated avenues that exist in these cases.

  1. Reasonable Doubt: It is the prosecutor’s duty to meet burden of proof, BRD. You are not required to present any evidence or a defense.. Perhaps they have no evidence other than the word of a victim. We can pursue an acquittal based on reasonable doubt.

Get Help

If you are the target of a criminal sexual conduct investigation, before you do anything else call an experienced defense attorney. We have a proven record of using these defenses to our clients’ advantage. This strategy is successful in  CSC cases and in a variety of other misdemeanor and felony cases, on both the state and federal levels including charges for rap, assault, drug crimes, larceny, armed robbery, embezzlement, and murder cases.

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